We team up

with brands to optimize

their digital performance

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective way of reaching your target audience online. We have well experienced team has deep knowledge about every PPC platform. We are the group of professionals who believe in 100% transparency.

Search Engine Optimization

We know how to bring your website on Search Engine’s first pages to make your brand and product visible on targeted keywords. We can provide a complete SEO service with maximizing visibility throughout Google and other major search engines.

Media Buying

We are expert to deliver innovative and successful cross channel, device specific, multi-placement integrated marketing campaigns and engage their audience through great creative and the right placement mix on both desktop and mobile.

YouTube Marketing

Alongside your TV ads we ensure that your video content be seen by your target audience with the most relevant message that you intend to deliver. YouTube campaigns can be built based on the unique needs of your marketing message.

Programmatic Buying / RTB

Programmatic advertising allows us to spend your digital marketing budget in the most efficient way possible and to deliver a high ROI. Programmatic advertising is designed to be customize by the needs of your digital campaign and only delivers highly relevant adverts.


Retargeting is the most powerful and effective way to secure conversions for lead generation and e commerce focused campaigns. To ensure to use our budget as effective as possible we plan quality placements and tight targeting to optimize re targeting campaigns.

Web Analytics

We are experienced in all major web analytics packages and are Google Analytics specialists. We are also one of a few digital agencies in Turkey that have IBM Digital Analytics Certified Partner badge.

Social Media Management

Social media has dramatically changed the way the customers interact with brands. An integrated social strategy is a very important part of any digital marketing plan.


As our focus is on Digital Media we have a team to design and develop Landing Pages and Web banners. Digital creative is slightly different then offline creative. Cool or Pretty doesn’t provides conversion every time.


Case Study

Vadistanbul (Google)

65 unit sales out of 578 came from Google platforms
75% of the web site percentage of the web site traffic provided via Google Ads.
9.000 units pre request forms.
31 mio video views via Youtube T.V
• 900 calls cmae from click to call ads.
300+ mio impressions via Google ads. in total

We have started our Vadi Istanbul project with the aim of having the most sensational construction project in every criteria within the sector. Digital Media is becoming more strategic and important today’s world.

Based on ROI criteria, we strongly believe and think that Google channels are one of the most efficient marketing and sales tool.  Alpay Çepni

What clients say about us

Ebubekir Kalkan

Numbers don’t lie. We gained net profit by working with ROIPUBLIC in last 2 years. Our faculty quotas increased by 300+, and the university fulling rate increased to %99.12 from %81 in the first year and the second year it increased to %100. We have noticed our online campaign success when the general we started to get student applications from all around Turkey, homogeneously. This is also proven with the digital analytics reports. Most importantly, we have done all of these with a very low budget then we predicted.

Ebubekir KalkanCorporate Com. Director
Hasan Yilmaz

We have been working with ROIPUBLIC for our brands those are already the best in their category. We are trying to position them also the most searched brands in Google meanwhile catching up with the new models and channels of the platform. We have our sub brands in security sector; KaleKilit, KaleAlarm and Kale Çelik Kapı that we get consultancy for Google Channles and SEO operations. We also follow new online cahhneles and developments to catch up the trends and optimize our campaigns. We believe we are doing very good team up with ROIPUBLIC in terms of their instant reporting and strategic comments.

Hasan YilmazCMO
Marketing Team

As Wall Street English, we are focusing on digital marketing for a long time. For several years we have increased our digital marketing investment. Google Adwords is the main medium for us and main objective is to have the most effective and efficient Google Adwords account management. We are working with ROIPUBLIC since 2013 for our digital campaigns. They understand our objectives and we have been getting successful results with regular optimizations and with using new advertising models. We have increased our conversion rates while decreasing our budget. With effective mobile strategies, we are one step forward from our competitors. To widen our campaigns, we also have started to work for SEO Consultancy with ROIPUBLIC. We applied ROIPUBLIC’s strategic approach and comments while our new website development. It is curial to have Search engine optimized and mobile friendly a new web site. Therefore, WSE organic position raised directly and there was a major increase on our website traffic. We are really glad to work with ROIPUBLIC as WSE marketing team.

Marketing Team
Emre Karaca

Our paths crossed with ROIPUBLIC in 2012. Since then we have a pleasant work together. We get consultancy for Cookplus.com, Karaca and Karaca Home websites about Google channels, SEO, website development and etc. Especially if you are newly entering the e-commerce market, ROIPUBLIC should be your partner to provide digital media strategies for business results. Since, they are a digital media agency who loves to hold the communication channels tight, they are good at team communication. This is very important for us. Long-term cooperation with the agency is unavoidable when you see the results and value added of the work you done.

Emre KaracaCEO