As our focus is on Digital Media we have a team to design and develop Landing Pages and Web banners. Digital creative is slightly different then offline creative. Cool or Pretty doesn’t provides conversion every time. And most important it is loss of time and money when you try to get banners with the right specs from offline based creative agencies. We develop not only pretty page & banners, but pretty page & banners that will convert.

Landing Page

It is first crucial to create responsive pages. Mobile usage is now ahead of desktop usage in most categories. Since, its purpose is to create conversion then it should be designed and developed based on that purpose. There are “creative” pages and there are pages designed to convert. Therefore, the LP has to be developed to get the visitors’ attention on a single call-to-action.
We understand the importance of creativity within web design. Besides, it is also important to provide relative content and the best possible user experience at the same time.
When designing a LP we always fallow your brand guidelines and main creative strategy.

Banner Ads

Banner development is very important when you aim to get both brand awareness or conversions with a single click. Therefore, it requires similar approach with LP development. Our creative team has technical expertise to produce banner ads for a wide variety of online platforms. There are specific specs for each online channel with multi size requirements. We can design and develop or just convert standard creative created by your creative agency to banner ads. We develop banners for Google Adwords, Gsp, Youtube, FB, Instagram, Linkedin and rich media.