PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective way of reaching your target audience online. We have well experienced team who has deep knowledge about every PPC platform. We trust ourselves that we could improve almost any PPC campaign and deliver higher ROI results. As ROIPUBLIC we believe in 100% transparency. You will always have direct access to your accounts.

With the PPC campaigns we make sure to drive right traffic to your website and create instant results. We can manage your PPC campaigns using the most relevant keywords or phrases to your business whether it is a national or a local business. We help you grow your business online by reaching your target audience with high quality clicks through well targeted and planned text and display ads.

We need have detailed understanding of your target audience and customers and how they search, find, consume, and buy relevant content, products and services.

To understand, we analyze;

Who your customer and audience groups are
What and why they search for
Where and how they search,
What platforms and devices they use to search

Search Ads
We set our campaigns based on quantitative and qualitative insights through our analysis. We implement a list of keywords including long tails relevant to your business/product.

At the very beginning of our campaigns, we use structured testing and optimization to continually improve performance then to achieve our KPIs.

Display Ads
As like Search Ads, Display Ads don’t cost you anything unless someone clicks on your video/image/ad. We help you get your brand seen by millions of potential clients when your brand/product/service need to create or increase its awareness. We make sure that our Display Ads are being seen by the right people across a variety of various networks.

We target specific websites and even specific topics of interest based on the goals that we aim to reach by Display Ads. We use specific mobile display banners to show on mobile devices since the mobile usage is growing rapidly day by day. We can also target relevant users through a range of websites with video ads besides Youtube marketing.

We are the group of processionals who believe in 100% transparency.
You will always have direct access to your accounts. We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually reports to make you have better understanding on your ROI

PPC Platforms