SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We know how to bring your website on Search Engine’s first pages to make your brand and product visible on targeted keywords. We can provide a complete SEO service with maximizing visibility throughout Google and other major search engines. With our technical knowledge and passion to providing quality service, we aim to provide an optimum consultancy for your search engine optimization needs.

With our technical excellence and passion to giving quality service, we aim to provide an optimum consultancy for your search engine optimization needs.

We first check that your site is search engine friendly, analyzing the site structure for any criteria in terms of performance and see that totally compatible with major search engines.

Our Key features:

  • Developing SEO strategy and the most effective structure for your website
  • Website Navigation Suggestions.
  • Optimizing URLs.
  • Increasing Target keyword rankings and conversion.
  • Increasing organic traffic
  • Content Creation/Optimization
  • Google Map settings
  • Detailed Reporting and Competitive Benchmarking

Developing Strategy

We develop relevant strategy for your main KPIs such as increasing organic traffic and competing with exact keywords

Keywords Research

At the beginning of the SEO process, we determine the keywords that we should compete and track. We are adding the keyword list to the tool to track keywords rankings. Also we prepare new keywords that we can suggest to create new content.

Competitor Analysis

Based on brand breif and our sector analysis we check rankings and track competitor keywords

Technical SEO

In technical SEO Process, we analyze the website and crawl every URL. Then, we determine  new URL structure.

We analyze;

  • URL Structure
  • Title Structure
  • Description Tags
  • Pagination
  • Canonical Structure
  • H Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • 301 Redirects

After all structures are applied to website, we check if the structure applied correctly. We determine and report if there is a problem through the process and set a meeting with software developers if there may any need.

After all the structure applied correctly, we also check Webmaster tools to determine the errors on Google perspective.


In content section, first thing to do is check the current content for duplicate issues and keyword ratio. If this content is the same with the other websites, they should be changed. Also all of the content are checking for keyword ratio. Content should contain enough keyword count to take a place in rankings.

After all of the current content checked, we research for new long tail keywords that can drive traffic to website. Then, a new content should be created with these keywords. We are also checking new content that not to be duplicated with other websites’ contents. This is very critical criteria because Google is very sensitive about unique content.

Link Building

After all of the process is completed, we start to discover websites that related with your website. We are looking for PageRank and link count for these websites. These websites are using to buy paid links.

We contact with them to buy links with articles. Then, we prepare articles and insert keywords with links. We send them to website and they place the link or content to their websites.