Social Media Management

Social media has dramatically changed the way the customers interact with brands.

An integrated social strategy is a very important part of any digital marketing plan.

That gives you many opportunities to build positive relationships with customers and promote your brand in a direct and interactive way.

Since reaching your already fans and fallowers needs more than just positing any content but you need to create strategically targeted ad campaigns and set relevant budgets to be able to reach all your fans/fallowers.

What we deliver is;

  • Category analyze.
  • Creating or Re-organizing social media pages based on agreed strategies
  • Clarifying main and sub Target Audiences
  • Setting main and sub KPIs
  • Setting Tone Of Voice
  • Planning posting terms, volumes and contents based on the Target Groups and the KPI
  • Posting decent and as much as remarkable contents
  • Special announcements’ posts by the product and terms
  • Posting video contents
  • Creating and posting messages to be posted with the visual according to content purpose
  • Planning and executing Promote Ads based on agreed post plan.
  • Crisis management support
  • Monthly reporting