The Turkish online fashion footwear retailer found the perfect fit with Facebook when it used Custom Audiences to kick-start sales, driving more than half of purchases made during the campaign.


The first step was to build an audience. The team used existing customer data to create a Custom Audience of its current customers, and then Lookalike Audiences of people on Facebook who share key characteristics with current customers. The company then tested advertising on these groups to see which would bring the best returns, and created Lookalike Audiences based on them. The team also used Custom Audiences from your website to retarget people who visited the website, but did not complete a purchase.

Next came the task of building the perfect ad creative. The team found that carousel ads displaying a range of shoes generated the best results. They left it to Facebook’s technology to determine the product ranking—the product appearing at the top is based on the shoes that received the most clicks.

As its marketing strategy matured, the Istebuayakkabi team learned what works best—and began doing more of it. The company found that incremental budget increases were more effective when applied to brand new campaigns, rather than existing ones. The company also saw that ad sets performed better when they ran continuously, rather than at specific intervals.

We achieved our target daily traffic numbers with Facebook Ads and saw a positive knock-on effect on other channels as well, so we achieved an increase in supported conversion rates. We noticed that whatever product we featured in ads, there was an increase in sales of that product the same day.

Ali Meriç, CEO -


Facebook has driven impressive results for Istebuayakkabi in its first year as an online-only business. As a result of campaigns beginning in February 2015:
  • Facebook is its number one advertising channel
  • 70% of website traffic comes from Facebook
  • 60% sales are from Facebook Ads
  • 6X average return on ad spend

Source: Facebook