Vadistanbul, which is one of the biggest mixed projects of Istanbul with its entire construction site, includes several functions within its own scope such as; residence, office, hotel, shopping center, shopping street.


We believe in to have a video, search, display and mobile ads support each other.  So in Vadi Istanbul campaign we used search ads, display ads and video ads all together to reach more people.

The first step was to create awareness for the project. In the launch of the marketing campaign we used display ads wih high frequency. Overall support the awareness campaign with video ads to reach more people. Key point was targeting the right audience. As the results showed leads collected with the campaign was interested in the project.

The second step was to reach right audience and have qualified leads. Search ads and mobile specific ads was created according to this objective.

We have started our Vadi Istanbul project with the aim of having the most sensational construction project in every criteria within the sector. Digital Media is becoming more strategic and important today’s world. Based on ROI criteria, we strongly believe and think that Google channels are one of the most efficient marketing and sales tool.

Alpay Çepni, CMO - Vadi İstanbul


Google Adwords has driven impressive results for Vadi Istanbul in highly competitive period of construction sector. As a result of campaigns in 2013:
• 65 unit sales out of 578 came from Google platforms
• 75% of the web site percentage of the web site traffic provided via Google Ads.
• 9.000 units pre request forms.
 31 mio video views via Youtube T.V
• 900 calls cmae from click to call ads.
• 300+ mio impressions via Google ads. in total

Source: Youtube